Author: @Deleted User

Created: October 13, 2022

Last Update: January 6, 2023

Status: Approved


With the raise of multiple proposals enacted by the DAO Grants Program that requires proactive technical support from experienced individuals, the Decentraland Foundation has been working closely with the DAO squads and community to identify opportunities to improve collaboration, communication, and education on product engineering matters.

Multiple options to create new spaces and mechanisms have been assessed but most of the time the limitation is on the knowledge concentration and availability of members of the Decentraland Foundation.

All paths lead to the same place, sharing and transferring technical knowledge by boosting openness and trust between the grantees, the community and the Decentraland Foundation will be the key success factor.


Create a simple, efficient, psychologically safe way to submit questions to the technical experts of the Decentraland Foundation while also sharing the learning from other grantees and members of the community.


Effective November 2022, a monthly 60-minutes meeting will be scheduled per topic (team), embracing an “AMA” format. AMA stands for “ask me anything”, a type of interactive engagement in which someone answers questions, usually in real-time.

The sessions’ topics will be aligned with the current Decentraland Foundation product engineering teams taxonomy:

The sessions’ agenda will cover not just answering the questions submitted previously and during the meeting but also presenting relevant information about the team’s scope status: